Ray, WoodChaCallIt Toy and Wood Crafters

As busy parents and because childhood is special, Ray together with his wife wanted to spend as much quality time with their children as they could. They are concerned about their educational development – like every parent. And like most parents they want to purchase toys that would be of value – how many times do you hear that the child was more interested in the box than the toy? When they started looking for toys, they quickly realized that many of the toys were not environmentally conscience, contained misleading labels, or were flashy "educational" toys designed to attract attention of parents but provided limited value for the child.

They found that age & developmental-appropriate, educational, fun-to-play-with toys were difficult to find - thus, his children were the inspiration to establish this company that will fill the niche of high-quality educational products that are fun-to-play-with, non-toxic, ecofriendly, and completely Made in Canada from locally sourced wood from sustainable forests! The line of products inspires parents to spend quality time with their children helping them learn and develop creative thinking skills.

Handmade in Nova Scotia, Canada


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