adrienne,  refluff

With lack of sustainable handmade product options on the market, Adrienne started making the things she wanted and others started asking their special requests. Unconsciously, the moment she made her first coffee sleeve had started building the foundation of what would later become ReFluff.  

Inspired with sustainable innovation, minimalism, architecture, nature & maker movement, ReFluff is a Canadian company offering a range of modern sustainable products for the family made with style and longevity in mind. Their products are made from earth-friendly textiles sourced new, from bolt-ends, up-cycled, or made from recycled content. They search far and wide for modern textiles that are fun, unique, premium and support sustainable requirements. Refluff products are hand-made in small batches within their Toronto studio using ethical production standards and are quality tested for durability. 

ReFluff brings over 10 years of experience in product development, costume/wardrobe, and styling. Their years spent creating and developing products, working with textiles, designing patterns, and making garments both contemporary and historical, are applied to their products to give their customers fun fabric combinations and functional design sewn to a high standard. 

Handmade in Toronto, Canada.


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