Iva, Blueberri

Iva brings a wide breadth of experience in fashion design, merchandising, and retail buying to the childrenswear market. However, her longstanding love for the apparel industry took on a new dimension when she became a mother.

Blueberri is a Toronto-based infant and toddler clothing brand founded by Iva Sopiqoti that provides parents with stylish staples that are Canadian made, eco-friendly, and chemical-free. All apparel is made in Toronto, Canada to support the local economy while ensuring we have a hands-on approach to the quality control of our garments.

It became her priority to create a line of children’s clothing that would be stylish and safe for her little one, free of allergens and toxic chemicals, and kind to the world her son will grow up in. She developed Blueberri infant and toddler clothing with her own family in mind and puts the same amount of love and care into each and every Blueberri garment. Blueberri strikes to create products that meet the highest standards of quality that kids love to wear and parents can feel good about buying.



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