Top 10 Spring / Summer Must Haves

May 21, 2017

Oooh lala! Leaves are sprouting, air is warming up, and we're feeling the sun kissing our skin! Our favorite seasons are here! Another perfect time to do our spring cleaning, plan our adventures ahead & list the travel items we need to bring! Little A & Co. headquarters is ready to embrace the warm season and hopefully so are you! To spread our happy & sunny vibes, we compiled our top 10 cool & fresh must-haves items from our Spring / Summer collection!

10. Pillow Covers with Tassels

Out with the old boring pillows! Our pillow covers with tassels are handmade and digitally printed in water based inks! Perfect as a gift, as well as a beautiful touch for your modern homes! It'll be great on a couch, a bed, a chair or in your nursery!

 9. Tropical Fabric Bins

Our fabric bins are storages and art piece rolled into one. With it's premium design aesthetics, leather handles and unique prints, these storages will look perfectly stunning in your living room, home office, bedroom or nursery. 

8. Ice Cream & Waffle Dog Marquee Arts
Wahhhhh..... Who wouldn't love these two?! If you're thinking of decorating your child's room or nursery, these two are definitely few of our must-haves in our Marquee Art collection.  Our Ice Cream and Waffle Wooden Marquees will definitely bring smile to your children's eyes before they go to sleep. You can also hang it in your living room & home office too! Why not? 
7. Colourful Art Prints
Spring & summer are perfect time to decorate your rooms! Our colorful & hip art prints are perfect accent to any bedroom, home office or nursery! A pop of yellow and hint of blues will perfectly remind you of the sunny and relaxing days to come. 


6. The Little Globetrotter's Travel Journal

Oh the places you'll go! Never forget your vacations and adventures with The Little Globetrotter’s Travel Journal. Packed with 80 journal pages to document their daily adventures to planning their trip and marking down where they have been. Activity pages are also included in the journal to keep them occupied during the journey. This travel journal will motivate kids to research their trip, making them look forward to every vacation!

5. Imaginative Toys (toys that promotes your child's imagination)
Let's all be honest! These toys are super cute and perfect gifts for every tots! Our citrus yellow eco-wooden toy camera is one of our bestsellers and must be brought every time you travel with a toddler. Powered by imagination, our wooden toys helicopter have added free engraving that is perfect to pass on to the next generation. Customization are also available as well in our "make-your-own" fruits & veggies crochet toys! 

4. Eco friendly Baby Essentials

Where on earth are these beautiful baby essentials when our Little A was born?! If I have another opportunity for our next baby, I'll definitely buy for myself or have someone buy it for me! Oh! The colors, the patterns & the quality <drool>. Everything is premium, eco-friendly and sustainable in our burp pads, bandana bibs & nursing pads. It's truly a dream come true to have something like these when you have a newborn & tot. 

3. Eco Friendly Teething Accessories

Fussy teething babes are hard to manage during travel, thanks to these colorful, 100% safe, food grade silicone teethers and teething necklaces! Our ice cream teether can be take off of the clip and can double as a pacifier clip. You can also pop the teether end in the freezer for extra cool relief on babies gums! On the other hand, our Soleil, Aqua & Marina teething necklaces are designed for stylish Mamas who carry their fussy, teething babies all the time! Perfect accessories that doesn't look like it was made for babies!  

2. Yummy Colored Baby Wraps

All of us wants to travel light and our baby wrap is the most convenient & reliable item that you could bring on your next adventure when you travel with your little babe. Made of 100% Lenzing Modal, our baby wraps are very soft, comfortable and perfect during hot summer days! Available in 6 unique hand-dyed colors from neutral tones to pastel ones! 

1. Loungers & Teepees

And our top 1 goes to the most coveted items we have in our store! Yes! We're super lovin our animal loungers and teepees!!! Aesthetically pleasing to the eyes of children, our premium loungers and teepees are designed with the benefits of imaginative play in mind! With attentiveness to particular elements such as pipings, trimmings, special personalized features and utilization of certified organic cotton fabrics. Perfect for reading nooks & kids playroom! Best gift you could ever gift in any occasion. 


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