Media / Community Blog Feature: Skip-of-the-Day (BC, Canada)

April 17, 2017

We've been featured in Skip It's Just Feel Good! It's an amazing community website created by Janet & Portia, two moms from British Columbia who widely promotes children’s products from designers whose clothes and products are made under independently certified conditions and in a way that cares for the environment. 

"Their mission is to make it easy to create positive change through ethical consumerism, local/global connections and the fostering of dreams."


Check out their lovely website and read their lovely feature about us through this link. 

"Handcrafted Imaginative Play. Artisanal. Earth Friendly. Stylish. That’s right, check them off. All that you could ever want for your littles. And I can’t believe that I have been keeping these beautiful peeps away from you for this long, considering how much I love them. Yes, very selfish. It’s probably because I have been savouring their journey much like I savour the coveted caramel, and you knows my love for all things caramel. But I finally feel the need to share. And you are going to be so happy that I did! - Portia"


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