Beautiful Personalized Gift Ideas for your Little Ones

March 13, 2017

Yay! It's #blogmondays again & this week we'll share to you some beautiful personalized gift ideas that you could give to your little ones in any occasion. 

Giving a gift to a child is a little bit tricky and we consider top 3 things in mind every time we buy a gift for a child:

  1. Benefits - It's not just only about being cute. We love giving items that has long-term benefits. 
  2. Sustainability - Kids harass their toys & other things so we need something that is both durable and something that lasts. 
  3. Affordability - For us, money is all worth it when we both have the first two above. 

But what if we tell you that in Little A & Co., some of our items are customizable & you can personalize your child's name on it for FREE! That's a perfect "nice-to-have" option isn't it?  Check out our top 3 hottest personalized gift ideas for your little ones!


1. Personalized Children Lounger Covers

Our children lounger covers is one of the most customizable product we have in our boutique. These lounger covers (or what is popularly known as "beanbag chair covers") can transform any of your space into an instant reading nook or lounging corner. Just add an engaging books to read, perfect lamp & voila!  They are light weight & easy to transfer from room to room.

Setting up the fillers for your lounger covers is easy and you can read & watch our online tutorial here. Buying bean bag covers & filling them yourself will save you money, as pre-filled bean bags are considerably more expensive to freight than covers only. 

Here are the things that you can customize in our children loungers:  

  • You can choose the animal of your choice: Fox, Hippo & Rabbit. Fox & Hippo Loungers are perfect for toddler to 7 years of age, while Rabbit Lounger is perfect for toddler to 9 years of age. 
  • You can choose the color & the type of fabric you want, whether you want the premium organic cotton (GOTC certified) or the regular cotton canvas ones. Beautiful Pantone colors from pink dog wood, pale peach, wan blue, orchid ice, opal grey & frosted almond are also available among the selection.
  • You can personalize your child's name. Just indicate your child's name in the field provided. Ideally 6-8 letters to be readable.
  • You can choose the font & the type of print whether you want it to be matte or glossy gold. 

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2. Engraved Wooden Toy Helicopters

Free engraving services are now available in our wooden toy helicopters! Aside from enhancing your child's imagination and creativity during their pretend play, these helicopters are durable and keep their emotional value throughout the child's life. Beautiful heirloom piece that would remind them of their happy childhood memories someday.

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3. Make-Your-Own Fruits & Veggie Crochet Toy Basket

Our fruits & veggie crochet basket allows you to choose 9 different types of crocheted fruits & veggies out of the 18 selections we have! You can also choose the color of the basket too either blue or beige! Inspired by the benefits of pretend playing, these yummy crocheted fruits & veggies are perfect open ended toy for your little ones! Whether, they would like to serve it in their play kitchen or restaurant, sell it in their pretend play grocery, use it on their next picnic or tea party, or grow it in their toy garden. Imagination is limitless! These beautiful handmade pieces are perfect addition to their toy box! 

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