Artisan Spotlight: Our Favorite Canadian Artisans

July 03, 2017

Oh Canada! Our homeland just celebrated it's 150th birthday and we're still on high celebrating the long weekend with our loved ones! While our Canadian spirit is still on high, allow us to feature our favorite Canadian Artisans who love to make this world a better place for you and your loved ones!


1. Adrienne, ReFluff

Inspired with sustainable innovation, minimalism, architecture, nature & maker movement, ReFluff is a Canadian company offering a range of modern sustainable products for the family made with style and longevity in mind. Their products are made from earth-friendly textiles sourced new, from bolt-ends, up-cycled, or made from recycled content. They search far and wide for modern textiles that are fun, unique, premium and support sustainable requirements. Refluff products are hand-made in small batches within their Toronto studio using ethical production standards and are quality tested for durability. 

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2. Alexa, Sweetie Pie Design Co.

Made with her very own family in mind, Sweetie Pie Design Co. is a Canadian company dedicated to using ethically sourced materials that do not contain any harmful chemicals. Made with 100% food grade silicone and natural wood, her products provide gentle relief for sore gums and different textures and colours for sensory play. Without having to compromise on style, these are some of the most practical accessories you will ever own.

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3. Justine, Human+Mother

HUMAN + MOTHER was founded in the spring of 2016. They are a conscious-parenting brand that is bringing you an all Canadian-made, trendy, lightweight baby wrap. Their mission is to inspire new parents to baby wear without sacrificing style, convenience or comfort.



4. Ray, Woodchacallit Toy and Wood Crafters

Ray together with his wife found that age & developmental-appropriate, educational, fun-to-play-with toys were difficult to find - thus, his children were the inspiration to establish this company that will fill the niche of high-quality educational products that are fun-to-play-withnon-toxic, ecofriendly, and completely Made in Canada from locally sourced wood from sustainable forests! The line of products inspires parents to spend quality time with their children helping them learn and develop creative thinking skills.

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5. Sandy, Pulp Function

Sandy was an accountant for five years before she became a photographer. There is a practical and a creative side to her, which leads her to believe that creativity and functionality can indeed go hand-in-hand. That is the premise behind all her designs. Making products that you can have fun with, especially her kid-friendly Marquee Art series inspired by her girl Blythe, while serving a practical purpose. All their products are made out of wood, sanded and painted by hand making each piece truly one-of-a-kind.

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