Artisan Spotlight: Enhar, LoveJoyCreate

March 20, 2017

Who made your items? Do you sometimes pay attention in the details about the maker of your items and how your products were made? Here in Little A & Co. all details matters and for us, the future of handmade products is within our hands. Today, we are hoping to inspire you to make a conscious effort in getting-to-know more about the products you are buying. 

Having a keen eye into details and being an avid fan of stylish, functional & ethically handmade products, Enhar's design aesthetics truly inspired us to fully understand the value of effort and hard work she puts on each of her designs. These efforts are incomparable to the mass-produced products that we are seeing in regular stores.

Today, we will all teleport to Enhar's lovely studio in Istanbul, Turkey and we'll get to know a little bit more about her process on how she creates her stylish fabric bins & pillows all by her hardworking hands. 


1. What are your inspirations in creating handmade pillows & fabric bins?

In 2011, first I sew for my daughters. This is how everything started... 

After I decided to turn my hobby into business, I started to look everything from a designer's eye; I sometimes found my color inspiration in a painting of my girls, sometimes from a tree with flowers on it or sometimes a repeating pattern on a sidewalk. 

2. Could you tell us a bit of your design & hand crafting process?

    Simplicity, functionality & quality are my keywords! 

    I start with the designing process; I have a sketchbook, which I draw, take notes, doodle  regularly. These ideas then form the digital designs. I believe in "less is more" motto, so every piece of my products have simple yet chic designs. 

    And besides having a stunning design everything in my collection has to be functional. So after I get the designs printed on fabrics, I prepare the master samples of pillows, baskets.. If everything goes well, then the production begins :)

    Sometimes the idea in your mind does not seem right on reality. For this reason I have some samples which aren't produced and I use at my home :)


    3. Tell us about your studio & what do you love most about it?

    Actually, I have a home studio. What I love most about it is being at home :) 

    I live in a very crowded city. Transportation is always a waste of time. Since I am a mom of 2 girls, having a business to run & also a wife, all at the same time, so I have to plan my time perfectly! Working at home really helps this.

    I also started to develop a ceramics/porcelain tableware line & rented my ceramics studio 100 meters away from my apartment. Living in a very crowded city, I love being close to my home so this way I can manage my time better.

    4. Why do you think people should buy handmade products?

    Because most of the handmade products are really made by love! Many small business owners are people who decided to turn their passion into business, so they create with love, care, high quality. 

    And these people should be supported!

    5. Any piece of styling advice when it comes to decorating a home using your pillows & fabric bins?

    As you can understand from my designs I love neutral colors like beige, gray as well I love hot pink, yellows... Combine neutrals with hot, flashy colors, plains with patterns, but don't forget less is more ;)

    Photo credits: Enhar, LoveJoyCreate 

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