New Year's Project: DIY Family Gallery Wall

January 22, 2017

"New project for the New year"-   Arrange a gallery wall that will highlight our family photos.

Just about every home I know has a certain collection of photo and art pieces displayed as decor. With pinterest,blogs and social media, it became so easy and accessible to find ideas on home projects. Over the years, I have this internal desire to display a few selected family images that have a special meaning. I absolutely adore black and white pieces in simple black frames. As a photographer it was quite hard for me to pick out which ones to print. I based my photos on a few close ups, some group family and individual shots of my kids during their birthdays. I have also purchased some awesome art pieces from @littleaandcompany boutique. I was browsing through the scandinavian designs and I fell in love with it! Framing it in black would give a pop of color on my white wall. Shipping was really fast and it came printed on a nice professional paper. After picking out the wall in my home where I decided to put everything, I realized I have to move around some of my current furniture pieces so that my gallery wall would stand out. My used-to-be breakfast area has been switched to a mini living room. Crazy right? But everything seems to fit well and it seems like I have more space to move around.

I remember when we were kids, my mom was so fond of moving furniture around,she would ask me and my brother to help her push those heavy furniture. As a child then, I never really understood what was the purpose of it all. Now that I'm older I can totally relate to what she was up to...interior decorating is a continuous that requires patience and also a lot of "moving".

Anyhoo, back to my wall gallery. So we had a snow day a few weeks ago. Then I thought, Aha! Perfect time to hang my pieces. I searched for my picture hanging tools...hammer,nails, you know the usual, hung up my photo frames in a non-traditional pattern. I do not have the patience for measuring where I will put it so I kinda eyeballed everything. Luckily for me it worked out fine and I really liked the way it turned out. I called it "stunningly simple". The words on the middle frame "Everyday is an adventure" is soo appropriate for us as a family or for any family. The kids grow up so fast and in a blink of an eye they will be grown ups. I wanna cherish each moment and what better way to do that but create a gallery wall that I can admire everyday as I sit down that couch and relax. It's as if I went down a little memory lane. I'm sure one day, I will change it or maybe add more to it, but for now I am very happy...


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